JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System (Pair) Review

JBL Control 2.4 Air Wireless System

JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System 

If you have attended a concert or seen a movie in a movie hall, there is a high probability that you enjoyed the show listening to JBL loudspeakers. JBL is the preferred loudspeaker brand for professionals in the recording industry over the world for over 60 years. JBL engineering, technical accuracy, clarity and power are legendary. Today the digital media that are high resolution demand loudspeakers that are better able to handle such a sonic range. So why should you not enjoy music or movies on such loudspeakers that have possibly helped in mixing and mastering them? You could enjoy excitement of live concerts or thrill of shows right in the comfort of your home with the JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System.  

JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System Technical Specifications and Features:

Features :

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 You can install speakers on your patio, in the garage, kitchen or bedroom. JBL Control On Air speaker system offers the convenience of wireless installation with the best sound quality. This unit comes with a pair of loudspeakers mounted on the wall and that incorporate wireless amplifier and transreceiver, receiver/transmitter module and remote control. The system is perfect for a number of applications with regards to wireless speakers like music system in the second room, superior wireless system for digital audio players and computers as also surround channels featured in a home theater with multi channels.

JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System Pros:


JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System Cons:

 The JBL Control 2.4G On Air uses the frequency range of 2.4 GHz for transmission that is free of interference. Up to a couple of pairs of speakers of JBLControl could be used with the receiver/transmitter module. The speaker system comes with mini jack input to connect to another audio source as well as subwoofer output so that the speakers could be used with a subwoofer/2.1 channel satellite audio system. Woofer is 100mm polylaminate. It produces deep bass, rich response. The titanium laminate 12mm tweeter delivers clear, sparkling high frequencies all over the room. Wall brackets that are easy to install are included.

Here is what some of the Owners of the JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless Speaker System had to say:

Made a lot of research before buying this pair of boxes. Most of reviews argued about having so many cables in a wireless system. Without cables you can not ….. ( read more )

I was blown away by the sound quality of these speakers. I’ve read some negative reviews and I am sympathetic, but one person said “avoid…do not buy.” Well it all depends on …. ( read more )

You can unleash the great sound that is characteristic of JBL in the house wirelessly. The JBL On Air system offers high-performance sound. The speakers make use of 2.4 GHz technology and are ideal for situations where running wires of speakers are not possible. You could add them to the kitchen, patio or another room. You could use them as surround speakers of your home theatre when it is not possible to run wires around the room. You could also link them to an iPod, computer or an MP3 player that is portable when you feel like listening to your favorite music when you’re not at home. However you need to be aware of the fact that the JBL control on air speakers cannot resist the weather. Hence you should not keep them outdoors when you’re not using them. Also do not use them in the inclement weather.

You will agree that the surround sound from the action flick you love makes viewing it even more exciting. Even when you listen to your iPod or CD there cannot be a better experience as compared to shutting your eyes to imagine the musical artist you are fan of giving you a private concert. You can all have all this without running wires around the room by investing in the JBL Control  On Air Wireless speaker system.

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