How to use Airplay with iPhones

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How to use Airplay with iPhones

Most of the users of iPhones find their favorite feature in an iOS like the Airplay. For instance, you will have many of your old tunes, videos and photos stored in iTune libraries or your computers. Now for the people who are using Apple products, they can change the way they store such things because of the invention of airplay. Airplay was formerly known as Air Tunes. This Airplay allows you to stream down all the different kinds of content from your computer to other devices and computers with a device called Wi-Fi. This kind of file sharing arrangements can be done provided you know how to use airplay.

Requirements of how to use airplay

If you want to know how to use airplay, you have to fulfill some requirements and need some devices which will include a PC or a Mac. An iOS device which is using 4.2 versions or later versions and 10.2 versions of iTunes or any later version is also required. Any model of the iPad is also acceptable in the requirement of how to use airplay. A new version of 4th generation iPod touch and also a higher version of phone 3GS is required.  Any model of Apple TV and Airport Express is also needed.

There are some more requirements that can be met in the process of how to use airplay like any kind of applications which are compatible with the third party. It also requires speakers and some kind of stereo receivers which should again be compatible with the third party hardware. If you have any iOS device, you can download a remote from the Apple store. The remote will give you permission to use the iOS device as a remote. This remote will help you to control the iTunes that are available in your library and if you want to change anything which is handy and pretty.   

Basic explanation of how to use airplay with your iPhone

When you have any version of iTunes which can support airplay and also one more compatible device that can support airplay, you will be able to see the icon of airplay. The icon represents a rectangle in a triangle shape which will represent as if it is pushing some force from the bottom which appears on the right hand bottom corner of the iTunes display window. This icon is very useful for you to stream down some content from a device via Airplay. 

In the early days on the base of the version were available. You had to set the iTunes where you could seek these devices out. Now, based on the new technology and knowledge of how to use airplay this is no more necessary. It can work as long as your computer and the other devices which are being used are on the same Wi-Fi network and you can see the names of the devices that you have named in the menu and these will appear when you click the icon of Airplay and this will hook up with your Airplay Speakers . It involves simply selecting the music or video that you want to play through the menu.